Where can I find the best nutrition counsellor in India?

When you are consuming proper nutrition your body doesn’t need any sort of medicine and with a poor nutritional diet, no medicine can cure you. Modern generations are addicted to fast foods and avoid a balanced diet. This has resulted in severe health issues like obesity, chronic diseases, high cholesterol, and lower immunity. When such problems arise, consult with the best nutritionist in India for better guidance. With a few visits you will start noticing the benefits of seeing a nutritionist as you improve your lifestyle.

What is good nutrition and why is it necessary in everyday life?

Nutrition plays the role of an anchor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We all know that health is wealth and here comes the importance of knowing about good nutrition. Nutrients are necessary ingredients of food that initiate growth, provide energy, promote building, and repairing body tissues. A healthy nutritional diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk, lean meats, and some other sources of proteins. Proper nutrition along with physical activities helps to maintain body weight. Besides this, good nutrition has a lot of benefits. Like –

  • It helps in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol in your body.
  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes, and heart diseases.
  • Increasing your energy and immunity levels.
  • Maintains your mental well-being.

Which is why it is highly recommended to consult a nutritionist online in Delhi that provides the best nutrition counselling services.

What kind of foods can be added to your diet for good nutrition?

Having a balanced diet means including different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. If you are suffering from a particular kind of disease then it is better to consult with a food consultant and know about what you can intake. Generally, a healthy diet includes the following –

  • Fruits – These provide fibres, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Though they are rich in sugar, being a natural one it’s nutritious.
  • Vegetables – Dark, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, green beans, or collard greens are an excellent source of nutrition. They are easy to consume and are affordable.
  • Whole grain products – They are rich in fibres, minerals, and a variety of vitamins.
  • Proteins – This may include animal proteins like red meat, poultry animals, or fishes, plant proteins like lentils, peas, almonds, beans, or walnuts, and dairy products. There are certain risks in consuming these proteins so it is better to take guidance from an online diet consultant.
  • Fats and Oils – Fats consumption helps to improve the energy level of your body and cell health. But consuming too many fats like saturated fats and trans fats should be avoided.
What are the indicators of a nutritious diet?

Whenever you start consuming a nutritious diet, your body starts showing results. How can you understand the results? Check the following –

  • Proper hormonal functions, insulin sensitivity, and physical recovery.
  • Normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Healthy skin and hair.
  • Restful sleep and improved energy levels.
  • Regular bowel movements, without having problems like diarrhoea & constipation. Women’s nutritional needs are different from mens. They need fewer calories, more calcium, iron, and folic acid. Women do likely suffer from diseases like celiac disease, lactose intolerance, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and Anemia due to iron deficiency. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman needs proper nutrition and is better to take suggestions from the best female nutritionist in India. One can get guidance from them via online platforms.
A brief note on nutritional counselling

Nutritional counselling is nothing but an assignment that analyzes the need for good nutrition, proper diet, and physical therapy, depending on the health of the patient. Patients suffering from Diabetes, osteoporosis, malnutrition, digestive complications like gas and bloating, HIV, cancer, hypertension, nausea, allergies, obesity, hypoglycemia, menopause, heart diseases, and other health-related problems must try to fetch the best nutrition counsellor in India.

One of the well-known Gastroenterologists, and the best hepatologist in Delhi, Dr Nivedita Pandey also suggests proper nutritional counselling that provides detailed information on the dietary changes of a patient. Being an expert in her field, she always prefers a proper nutritional diet for her patients, who generally suffer from digestive problems like acidity & reflux, or having different liver disorders, or issues related to the pancreas, colon, and some other part of the digestive tract. GI disease treatment is not only about medicines, but a large part of the treatment is dependent on the food you are consuming every day.

Proper guidance is always suggested, because your diet chart may not be the same for someone else in your family. Different diseases have different nutritional requirements. For example, you are having diabetes and you consume a lot of fruits, this will increase your sugar level and therefore have an adverse effect on your body. So whenever you are undergoing treatment, always try to consult the best nutritionist in India, Dr. Nivedita Pandey for proper nutritional counseling services to the problem you are facing. You can also find her as the best liver specialist doctor in Patna, Bihar or hepatologist in Patna or the best doctor for hepatitis b in Patna or at the gastro and liver clinic Patna Bihar, Gooddeed Clinic and also as a gastroenterologist in Faridabad, the best gastro doctor in Delhi, NCR, a gastroenterologist In Uttarakhand, a liver specialist in Jhansi or Best female Gynecologist in Jhansi, best gastroenterologist in Jammu or best physician in Jammu city, take advantage of the online gastroenterology consultation to gastroenterologist live chat and receive the best treatment that your body deserves!