Mam is thoruogh professional, i was suffering from complicated issue with mix of gerd and keloid issue at LES AND UES JUNCTION. SLIGHTLY MIX OF ANATOMY OF CHEST AND GASTRO. but she thorough saw my all report ang suggested me medicine and advice. I think after going through lot of gastro doc, she is very delebrate, and professional and takes time to examine patient. I think she is excellent in detecting physical anatomy with gastro related problem. Thank you mam . Will tell you after completing the prescription.Sudhanshu MishraApril 26, 2023
She's an amazing doctor. She's a great listener, very patient, and very knowledgeable. She helped me with a health issue i was struggling with for months before i met her and fixed it with minimal medication. I highly recommend her and have 100% trust in her abilities.GunjanMarch 25, 2023
Gayatri AtwalFebruary 17, 2023
She is the best doctordivya jainDecember 5, 2022
She is truly wonderful, helped my husband on every step from diagnostic to proper treatment. Highly recommended!!!disha sharmaSeptember 23, 2022
I went to Dr. Nivedita with my mother 1 year back, believe me she is a godsend. She is very patient person who genuinely cares about her patients. She always takes the time to explain things to us in terms that we can understand. She’s diligent in making sure my mother’s health is the best it can be, believe me the words are not enough….She is the best !!!umar khanAugust 4, 2022
Gautam KhungerJuly 16, 2022
Amit SinghJuly 10, 2022
Today me and my wife visited Dr Nivedita for my liver problem. We got her on Google. Behold!! She is far better and nicer than what the comments said about her. In reality she is friendly and listens to us patiently. After hearing our problems she explained the reasons and gave us the proper solution. The Doctor is so nice and makes us feel comfortable which is priceless. Dr Nivedita understands our situation and let us not do the unnecessary costly tests which were prescribed by other Doctor.Other doctors may try to rip us off but this wonderful Doctor Nivedita is not among them. She is grateful to help others and gives the precise prescription.I would suggest everyone to go to Dr Nivedita Pandey as you will find comfort and the correct prescription.chhana jahauMarch 11, 2022
She is a great doctor. So humble, helpful and soft spoken. My friend was facing the problem of gall bladder stones. She was having a hard time going through the pain. But Dr. Nivedita helped her a lot in her recovery journey and suggested the accurate procedure and treatment for her. If you are facing the same issue, feel free to consult Dr. Nivedita Pandey.Simone DeshpandeFebruary 23, 2022
First I would like to Thanks Dr Nivedita for bringing me back what I was couple of years back. She is one of the best (even best) doctor of Gastreo I ever met. I was struggling for my problem and luckily got a chance to meet her. Shown all my previous treatment procedures and reports. She discussed my problem in detail and assure me " You won't come to see me again" if I follow her treatment. I did the same and after 3 months I started feeling good. This is my personal view on Dr Nivedita and would recommend her ThanksKabir MalhotraFebruary 9, 2022
one of the best doctor for gastroenterologist. Suffering from last 1 year, but after her diagnosis, I'm back in health. The diet plan she suggested also helped me a lot.Vshreee_90January 30, 2022
Dr. Gayatri VishwakarmaJanuary 26, 2022
Very nice doctor. Listen everything and patiently. And she is very polite.Rahul YadavJanuary 18, 2022
Divyanshu PandeyJanuary 6, 2022
She is the most amazing talented, approachable and empathetic Dr I have met! She listens to everything very patiently and genuinely cares. She leaves no stone unturned to reach to the root of the issue. She is exceptionally kind, gentle, dedicated , pleasant and makes the experience very comfortable. One must visit her for all their stomach woes and she cures it all with her sheer brilliance. Thank you Dr!Isha AtreyDecember 17, 2021
Amazing doctor I must say. She is so humble and understanding. Gives proper time in listening to the problem. Definitely a recommended doctor.Shruti AryaDecember 14, 2021
Dr.Nivedita Is A Competent Doctor & Has An Affable Personality. She Livens Up The Patients & Their Families & Raise Good Hopes Amongst Them ! She's Great In Her Profession.Sandeep GuptaOctober 27, 2021
The best doctor for liver and abdomen problem. I was running from hospital to hospital in delhi. Doctors were not able to catch my disease and someone suggested me to visit her I didn't had much hopes while visiting her in Sitaram Bharita hospital but I m glad I did she diagnosed my problem on the 1st visit and suggested test to confirm the same. On the 2nd visit she directed me to the correct doctor. She is very polite extremely intelligent and not money minded like other doctor working in super specialty hospital. God give her a long life. All the bestAngry GamerOctober 8, 2021
She is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Actually, not one of the best but THE BEST. You will never be able to find the positivity she shares with her patients. During the first consultation, she tries to judge the problem, look at all the reports and ask questions very patiently. She doesn’t prescribe unnecessary medicines. She did my colonoscopy and the process was very smooth. I didn’t even feel a thing. If you are having any kind of gastric problem, Then she is the one who can take care of your problem. Just book a consultation with her and I am pretty sure that she will be able to solve your problem. Trust me, you will be in very good hands.chirag virmaniJuly 30, 2021
Very good can tell her all your problems..she will give you enough time to tell your problms..must recommendmahbubul islam masudJuly 30, 2021
Dr. Nivedita is extremely understanding and an excellent Doctor.. a specialist in her field, she is highly recommended for her treatment.Rakesh HandaJune 30, 2021
Dr Pandey is one of the best doctors I have met in my life. A thorough professional who actually knows what she is doing. I was dealing with a stomach infection for past 2 years and was not able to get relief. I consulted her and she got to the root of the problem and helped me cure the damn infection. She also chit chats with her patients to make the visit less stressful.Highly recommended.Shri GuptaJune 15, 2021
Liza MalikzadaApril 28, 2021
She is very down to earth, kind hearted and expert doctor. I took online appointment for my granny. She was in critical condition. Due to corona surge could not take her to hospital. After the treatment, she is doing well now. I am always greatful to Dr. Nivedita.Preeti SindhwaniApril 27, 2021
Dr Nivedita Pandey is a "POSITIVITY RADIATOR". Hi Everyone. Last year I completed my Btech from IPU Delhi. Also i was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in June 2020. My first doctor kept demotivating me. Second one use to talk less. Third one didn't even have time to talk. At last i met Dr Nivedita Pandey in January. Since then there is a significant improvement in my health and I'm doing well. So, I would definitely recommend her.Sudhanshu NegiApril 17, 2021
Humble Doctor who has empathy for her patients.shaique anwerApril 16, 2021
An ace doctor for liver and stomach related ailments. Unlike many doctors she is not at all money minded and tries to give you a treatment without buring a hole in your pocket. Her approach is very optimistic and efficient. She is a very good listener who also clarifies each and every doubt of patients descriptively.Siddharth Mohan KaviMarch 19, 2021
Dr Nivedita is one of the best doctors for Gastroenterology. She is the humblest one and composed. She devotes more than adequate time with her patient that greatly helps to articulate your problem in depth. Consequently, the outcome is appropriate treatment of your ailment. I was suffering from malabsorption for more than 5 years and I had been to number of doctors in some of the finest hospitals in Delhi but all of them were unable to diagnose it. This not only adversely affected my health but also lot of money went in vain. Finally, I met madam and astoundingly in the first visit only she caught correct disease and started treating me, since then my health has shown a good sign of improvement.Kudos to her!!Vishal MittalMarch 18, 2021
Dr nivedita is very good doctor and soft person experience is very exilentshyam sharmaMarch 6, 2021
I have no words to express myself that how grateful I am to Dr. Nivedita Pandey. As if it was an Angel's touch. I am a voice over artist and I was suffering from Acidity reflux and halitosis from past 5-6 years and it was getting worst. I consulted several doctors but the problem remain persistent until I met Dr. Pandey. She examined me in the first appointment and told me the other issues I might be suffering. I was impressed. I started to feel better in less time than expected and she made sure that I shouldn't go under endoscopy. I was cured and today I live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Doc you saved my career.Pulkit GoelMarch 2, 2021
Daya ShankarFebruary 16, 2021
Dr Nivedita is like God for us.She is very polite and down to earth doctor.She listened quite well to each and little thing of the patient, She knows how the human life value is and encourage the patient to live fullest without any fear. When my dad refer to his panel hospital she personally visted that hospital and that gestures was really great and appreciable.We would be thankful to her from bottom of our heart and always be greatful to her.She is very kind and humble doctor's I ever met.Thanks a lot Dr.Nivedita Mam.🙏🙏kishor lalJanuary 13, 2021
She really is a great doctor, listens to patients and tries to connect with them.ibrahim masoudiJanuary 3, 2021
Naim KhanJanuary 1, 2021
Undoubtedly One of the beat doctor, clinician and Human. True healer.Gurveen SinghDecember 20, 2020
"This was my pre op appointment. dr. Nivedita ma'am took such wonderful care of me, explaining things carefully to make certain I understood. She couldn't have been nicer or more professional. She's smart and kind. Great combination."Arjun SinghDecember 4, 2020
Ravi BhushanDecember 4, 2020
HANDS DOWN THE BEST DOCTOR I HAVE EVER MET !!She's the best at what she does, the way she treated me & heard me out was fantastic and uncommon along with the knowledge and expertise she has. I was extremely relieved after consulting her.Me being an old patient of gastroenteritis issues, would strongly recommend Dr. Nivedita Pandey.Pawan DahiyaDecember 1, 2020
Super amazing doctor. I met her for my mother as she has been suffering from long and have other diseases as well. She heard me patiently where other doctors are usually in hurry. She tries to address the issue wholistically and always motivates my mother. Keep up the great work as we very few doctors like you.Payal GuptaNovember 27, 2020
amit kumarNovember 7, 2020
She is the best in her profession , I have never witnessed the Doctor like her in my whole life, not only a good D.R. but she is a good human being , very soft spoken and understand the situation and problem of the patient which is more important.Sumit Dhyani SDNovember 3, 2020
Absolutely fantastic experience! Great personality, and treats you like a person, before a patient. With more doctors like her, the world would be a better place. Solved a problem I'd been suffering from for years and just overlooked, in literally two sessions of going there.Tarika TSNovember 20, 2019