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Thus, if you are facing any such health problems, you should immediately approach her. Now, during these COVID-19 times, it is essential to take care of your loved ones, and it’s hard when you live abroad, but with Dr. Nivedita’s expertise, it’s not even a problem. It becomes even more essential when you are staying abroad and are not with your parents. Thus, caring for parents from a distance becomes a difficult task. Thus, w this article, we tried to include all the important long-distance senior care steps and methods by which you can help your elderly parents from afar.

What is long-distance care for elderly parents?

Thus, wondering how to take care of parents when you are abroad and wanting to help ageing parents from a distance, you need not worry. Therefore, the long-distance caregiver is such a technique by which you can take care of your parents. This kind of care can take many forms—from helping with money management and arranging for in-home care to providing respite care for a primary caregiver and planning for emergencies. This is termed a long-distance caregiving process.

How to take care of your parents when you are abroad?

Caring for elderly parents and dealing with the care system when you live abroad can often be tricky.  For this, you need to plan and take all necessary precautions.

Set up a video conference system

The first thing you need to do is establish a video conferencing system in which you can regularly stay in touch with your parents. Whenever they want, they can also call you in need and take assistance from you. Further, it has been seen that children do stay online for the whole day just to be in touch with their parents and take care of them in distress.

Build a local network

Seek out your local family members and friends and ask them to remain in touch with your parents. Also, you need to contact all the doctors, family friends, and whosoever is residing close to your parents home so that you can contact them whenever you are in need of them. Further, you will also be able to take care of your parents and send them for a regular check-up by asking any of them to take your parents out for the check-up.

Make them aware of the recent diseases and other such mishaps

You must make your parents realise all the new diseases or any kind of flu, or viral that is happening or purporting to happen in the recent days. This will make them take the necessary precautions so that they do not have to call you every time in need. Further, make them learn how to use devices and remain in touch with their doctors to approach them whenever they need them. So this might help them in getting the desired result. For better treatment and consultation regarding gastrointestinal problems in the elderly, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the best gastroenterologist or go for a gastroenterologist live chat with Dr Nivedita Pandey.

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How can this help your parents combat unwanted health risks?
  • The first thing that will help them is to know their medical needs and thus work in their direction. Also, once they know their medical needs, it will be easier for them to keep track of their habits and monitor their health in the same direction.
  • Also, they will get to know about their nutritional value. How much do they need to take care of their health, what all fruits and other nuts are required to make them stronger? Not only this, when you are not around them, it is essential that they do not compromise with their nutrition and other such vitamins that are essential for them.
  • ADLs (activities of daily living) are very important for the parents so that they do not lag in any manner and can keep their health in pace with the living world.
Reviews From Our Patients:
  1. My elder son and his wife have been abroad for almost five years. Without them and our grandchild, it seems like our lives are not complete. We miss their laughter, the moment that we have spent with each other and whatnot. My son regularly tries to remain in touch with me and gets us treated by the best hepatologist in Patna, Dr Nivedita Pandey. The way she takes care of us through her treatment, I never felt the void of my son living abroad. – Pradeep Jha
  2. I may be one fortunate father out of 100 who can proudly say that my son has always helped me in distress and in time of need. He shifted abroad 2 years back, but not a single moment or occasion has passed, wherein he has not come to us and enjoy the precious moments. Though the void can not be fulfilled, he still takes every step so that we are not here in distress alone. He takes care of our health by talking to our gastroenterologist, Dr Nivedita; her way of treating patients is the best. Being a nutritionist, she also keeps track of our food habits. I am lucky to have him as my son and getting treated by the best gastroenterologist in town. – Anupam Chetri
Words From Dr. Nivedita Pandey

Living in the west gives us a whole lot of benefits and improved quality of life, however there is a continuous worry about the health of the family and loved ones. We wish if we could get in touch with a well-qualified physician who can help our folks in the time of need. Finding a qualified and empathetic doctor in India is not easy. One can rely on the word of mouth and online search but there is always an unsettling feeling of not being able to do enough.

Having spent more than a decade in the USA I understand the apprehensions regarding the quality of care available. I can ensure best quality evidence-based medicine as per the American standards. I have been actively engaged in taking care of NRI families all over the world as well as foreigners staying in India. My practice has grown as more and more NRI families have trusted me with their care and I feel fortunate to be a part of their lives.

You can learn more about my credentials by visiting our website and you can send your query through an email ( or through a whatsapp message (+91 9899479984)