Who is a Hepatologist and where can I find one?

Hepatology is a branch of medicine that looks after the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases affecting the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas. If your primary care doctor detects any serious issues concerning these organs, then they will refer you to a hepatologist. A hepatologist usually diagnoses and manages diseases affecting the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas. You can be referred to a liver specialist for various reasons such as abnormal liver function, alcohol misuse, symptoms of hepatitis, jaundice, etc. If you face any of the problems related to your liver or other organs, immediately consult the best hepatologist in Patna and liver specialist doctor in Patna or liver doctor in Patna, Dr Nivedita Pandey. You can also find her as the best doctor for hepatitis b in Patna, a gastroenterologist in Faridabad, the best gastro doctor in Delhi, NCR, a gastroenterologist In Uttarakhand, a liver specialist in Jhansi.

When does one need a liver transplant?

A liver transplant is also known as hepatic transplant is the surgical procedure of replacing a malfunctioning liver with a healthy one. It is done when a liver is severely damaged, is unable to perform its functions or regenerate itself.  A liver transplant may be required by both children as well as adults when the condition of the liver is critical and no other options work out.

Reasons for liver transplant in children – Liver transplant may be recommended to children when there are serious complications and are at the risk of dying. Some of the common conditions are viral hepatitis, liver cancer or tumours, hereditary conditions, conditions that are present at birth such as cholestatic disorders, Alagille syndrome, etc. Another common reason for a liver transplant is biliary atresia.

Reasons for a liver transplant in adults – In adults, the causes for liver failure or a liver transplant can be an infection caused by hepatitis B virus, primary biliary cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic disease, fatty liver, ascites, etc. damage to the liver can also be caused by excessive drinking, obesity, diabetes type 2, injection of drugs through shared needles, tattoos or body piercings, etc.

One can also take guidance from someone who specializes in transplant hepatology for any diseases related to the liver.

Postoperative care after liver transplant?

There are a few things that a patient and their family need to take post a liver transplant surgery. The first three months are the most crucial and intensive care needs to be taken. Go for a Gastroenterologist live chat or Consult a liver specialist in Punjab for postoperative care tips. Some of the tips suggested by Dr Nivedita Pandey, one of the best liver doctors in Punjab for the smooth functioning of the new liver are –

  1. Maintaining hygiene. One should maintain strict hygiene of the surroundings as well as the body. Keep on cleaning your hands with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Proper care should be taken in case there is any wound, by the donor as well as the receiver. Avoid taking baths in the bathtub, because the wound is at the risk of being wet and spreading infection.
  3. Attention should be paid to what food is being eaten and the intake of nutrients. Your diet should be balanced, high in proteins, low fats, and in small proportions. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Add foods rich in calcium such as skimmed milk, soya, cheese, eggs, chicken, etc.
  4. Exercise regularly and keep up with your checkups and doctor’s appointments.
  5. Smoking and alcohol consumption must be restricted.
Where to find a hepatologist and liver specialist in Punjab?

A general practitioner or your primary care doctor will refer you to a liver specialist or a hepatologist for various reasons that may cause a danger to your health. Hepatologists deal with a gamut of gastrointestinal diseases such as Gastroesophageal  Reflux Disease (GERD), jaundice, all types of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, ascites, etc. The liver is a vital organ, responsible for filtering out all the harmful toxins in the body. Thus it is important that you have a healthy liver. Excessive drinking, obesity, diabetes type 2, injection of drugs through shared needles, tattoos or body piercings, etc. can increase the risk of liver damage.

One of the well-known hepatologist and liver specialist in Punjab is  Dr Nivedita Pandey who also specializes in transplant hepatology.

How to book an online appointment or Gastroenterologist live chat?

Dealing with a disorder or even simple diseases during the pandemic can be difficult. Stepping out of the house itself is a risk since one doesn’t know when or how they can contract the virus. At times as such telemedicine and teleconsultation is a viable option. Telemedicine is an exchange of medical information and health services through the use of technology. Booking a telemedicine appointment is the best thing you can do to get a professional’s advice without actually having to step out of the house. This reduces the spread of infection and the risk of getting infected.

You can always consult Dr Nivedita Pandey through telemedicine. She will be able to diagnose you at your home and even check your previous medical history. You can also have prescribed medicines and advice on how to carry on with the treatment. Gastroenterologist live chat is a quick and effective method for patients to seek medical help without exposing themselves to the virus.