Amidst this pandemic situation, we have really become ignorant about other health issues that can be equally dangerous. Yes, this COVID situation is the worst and it calls for more attention. But at the same time, we as doctors cannot neglect the other health issues. One of the most serious cases that Dr. Nivedita Pandey has taken up in the past few weeks, is a case of rectal bleeding. If you are a non-medical person and you don’t know what that is, no worries, you would get the answer to all your questions. So, let’s start from the beginning. You might have heard of a situation where the blood comes out with your urine or stool. Well, that situation is called rectal bleeding. If you notice blood on your pan after using it, it might be a serious case of rectal bleeding and you should immediately contact your doctor. This is a serious issue. From a long experience, Dr. Nivedita said that she has seen that many people who just avoid this issue. Well, this is a serious issue that should never be avoided. Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of some serious cases. The rectal bleeding causes are Hemorrhoids, IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcers, fissures, colorectal cancer, etc. Now you might think, is all rectal bleeding serious or can rectal bleeding be serious? Well, Rectal bleeding can sometimes just be a minor symptom for a medical condition that can be treated easily like Hemorrhoids. But, even in that situation if it is not treated early, it can cause severe damage to your health. Sometimes rectal bleeding can even be a cause of a serious disease, colorectal cancer. You never know what is the cause of something, so it should never be avoided. Rectal bleeding treatment is absolutely necessary if you face it.

Now, before proceeding with the story of her client, where she had to go for a rectal bleeding surgery, she would like all of the readers to gain some knowledge about rectal bleeding. So the first thing that should be brought up is, how to identify where the bleeding is coming from. If the blood is a bright red color, it generally means that the bleeding is from your low colon or rectum. Next, it is dark red, which means it is bleeding in your higher colon or small bowel and lastly, if it’s melena or darl and tar-like stool, then it means that the bleeding is in your stomach, from the ulcers. But, it is not always mandatory that you will be able to see the bleeding with naked eyes. Sometimes it is only visible under a microscope when you go for a lab test for your stool sample. Now, let’s talk about the symptoms. Let us run you through the rectal bleeding symptoms:

  • Feeling a severe pain in your rectum area
  • Observing red color stool or that which has a tar-like consistency
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Fainting
  • Seeing a bright red color on your urine and stool
  • Experiencing faster heart rate
  • Feeling hard to urinate
  • Blood pressure fall

These are the symptoms by which you can identify rectal bleeding.

Case Study

Okay, so now let us talk about her patient who suffered from serious rectal bleeding. So initially he noticed blood coming out with his urine and stool but he avoided it. He really didn’t pay much attention and he thought it would be fine soon. But soon he faced symptoms like rectal pain, dizziness, and a sudden drop in blood pressure level. In this situation, he consulted her advice. But it was already too late. Till the time he visited Dr. Nivedita, he was facing vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and I was scared that it could be colorectal cancer.

Case Review And Management

She immediately told him to go for a stool sample test. When she got the results, she was a little relieved because it was not what she thought it to be. It was ulcers in his stomach but he avoided it since the initial stage so now it had gotten serious and he lost a lot of blood from his body. Dr. Nivedita saw no other option, but to opt for rectal bleeding surgery. ‘

He was highly panic-struck when he heard of the word surgery. His family was too tense and they were in a helpless situation. But, she had no other option as well because the matter got out of just medicines and it was a serious one so she had to opt for the surgery. She consoled him and his family. As a doctor, she feels that it is her responsibility to make the patients feel comfortable and secure. The day of the surgery arrived and they were all weeping. Dr. Nivedita’s whole staff is so coordinating that they helped her a lot in managing the whole situation. It was one of the most serious cases that she has taken up in recent times. But luckily enough, she managed it efficiently, and everything went on just fine.

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