Stomach gas is a very natural part of digestion, most people have experienced it at least once in their lifetime, and is nothing to be embarrassed about. Very often one experiences stomach gas and bloating after consuming large amounts of food that remains undigested. The human body releases excessive gas by burping or passing gas, which is also known as flatus. 

Stomach Gas Reason

One may experience this due to food intake or some digestive imbalance. Some may also experience pain. However, the stomach gas pain is temporary, and it eases on its own. Nonetheless, if the pain is severe and recurs again and again, then it is necessary that you get an appointment with a physician. It is recommended to seek guidance from the best stomach doctor in Faridabad.

Stomach gas at times may give rise to some other food pipe problems such as Stomach gastric, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or heartburn, nausea, bloating, etc. One may consider consultation from a food pipe specialist albeit a gastroenterologist too can help in treating this condition. Seek guidance from the best gastroenterologist in Faridabad for the proper treatment and a speedy recovery.

Stomach gas problem solution and tips

Stomach gas, although natural, can be embarrassing for people. This is because it often leaves an unpleasant smell. However, stomach gas can be treated with a few dietary and lifestyle changes. Dietary habits can lead to good digestion and alleviate the gas. Also, once you understand your eating pattern and point out the gas-causing food, then it can help you in avoiding that particular food.

Tips to prevent Stomach gas 

  • Physical Activity
  • Slow eating pattern
  • Avoid soda
  • Avoid smoking / Alcohol 
  • Good intake suggestion
  • Eat cloves
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Eat peppermint
  • Chamomile tea

These were some measures and tips for reducing the gas. If the problem of gas persists, it is advisable that you seek guidance from a gastroenterologist which is also a liver specialist in Patna.  

Stomach gas at times may be accompanied by several other symptoms. Here are some of them, along with tips to alleviate the stomach gas symptoms. 

Stomach gas and headache

Gastrointestinal disorders are associated with stomach gas and headaches. GERD, constipation, and Inflammatory bowel syndrome cause nausea and other symptoms that lead to headaches. The above digestive disorders need attention from the best gastroenterologist in Max Saket. 

Stomach gas and bloating

Bloating does not necessarily cause any harm. It may occur after having carbonated drinks, eating a large meal, and even constipation. Stomach gas can be increased due to wind-producing food like beans. It’s better to not overeat in a single meal. Meals should be divided into 3-4 portions for a single day and they must include balanced nutrients.

Stomach gas and loose motions

Excessive gas can cause flatulence, which is a build-up of gas in the digestive system. Eating specific food can cause discomfort and distress. Loose motion can be cured by including more fibrous foods in your diet. However, it should not be ignored if the frequency is high, as it can lead to disorder in the other organs of the digestive system, such as the liver. The liver helps in eliminating the toxins of the body. If there’s more pressure on the liver, it may result in worsening the condition of the patient. Seek guidance from the best liver specialist doctor in Patna, Bihar. 

Stomach gas and vomiting

Anything that upsets your stomach causing nausea can lead to vomiting. It is one of the common symptoms of underlying digestive diseases. Indigestion of food and intolerance to toxic substances can cause vomiting too. Overeating, motion sickness after eating something, and acid reflux due to a high intake of alcohol also result in vomiting. 

Stomach gas and blood pressure

After swallowing the food, the food bolus is destined and triggers the cardiovascular system’s activation. The heart rate and increase in blood pressure are shown due to this system. Gastroesophageal reflux disease may trigger an elevation in blood pressure level. The stomach irritation or inflammation and hovering anxiety can level up the blood pressure signs.

Stomach gas at night

People may experience stomach gas when they sleep or rest immediately after a meal. It leads to indigestion that causes gas. A large meal or gas-producing food is also a major factor. A digestive system expert like a liver doctor in Patna can help in alleviating these symptoms, or any other digestive disorder. A lite meal at night, preferably before 9 PM, and a quick stroll after dinner is highly recommended.

Stomach gas medicine and treatment

If the stomach gas issue persists even after the home remedies, and other tips, one should consult their health care provider. Treatment can include some medicines and alterations in food habits. You need to get an appointment if flatulence(gas) is along with bloody stools. Heartburn, severe symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation need to be seen by a physician, and if the condition is critical, then an expert like a gastroenterologist or best liver specialist in Delhi NCR, Dr. Nivedita Pandey is proposed. You can also find her as hepatologist in Patna or the best doctor for hepatitis b in Patna, a gastroenterologist in Faridabad, the best gastro doctor in Delhi, NCR,  gastroenterologist In Uttarakhand, a liver specialist in Jhansi, best gastroenterologist in Jammu take advantage of the online gastroenterology consultation to gastroenterologist live chat and receive the best treatment that your body deserves! They analyze the situation and recommend a suitable treatment for the same.