What are accessory digestive organs? 

Organs that play a role in digestive activities are considered accessory organs. Separate from the digestive tract, the liver, the salivary glands, gallbladder, and pancreas, are considered as part of the accessory digestive glands in humans. 

The accessory digestive glands are the organs that secrete core essential substances needed for the chemical digestion of food. However, the food doesn’t actually pass through these glands as it is already digested. The accessory digestive system consists of the liver, and the important accessory digestive structure is supported by the gallbladder and pancreas. They secrete or store substances that are needed for digestion. Food pipe problems may arise in this procedure, but with the help of a food pipe specialist, these ailments can be easily treated.

The digestive accessory glands function in the following ways – 

  • Saliva- Six salivary glands are located around the oral cavity to secret saliva. The saliva then mixes with the food to start the process of digestion. The saliva contains proteins and enzymes that lubricate and chemicals that help in the digestion process throughout.
  • Liver- Next in line is the liver, which continuously produces bile. It aids in chemical digestion by emulsifying fats in at the initial part of the small intestine or duodenum. Bile flows from the common hepatic ducts and moves to the small intestine to help absorb fats and digestion. The liver is the largest organ and is essential in this whole process. Any harm caused it can cause serious issue to the process of digestion, and eventually to the person. Thus, it’s always better to get yourself an appointment with the best liver specialist doctor in Patna, Bihar.
  • Gallbladder- The gallbladder is where the excess biles scereted by the liver is stored. If that bile is not needed for the immediate process of digestion, it flows up in the cystic duct of the gall bladder. The extra concentrated bile is stored, and the bile is released as needed into the small intestine. Any issues occurring in the digestive system will lead to some symptoms. Even in accessory organs, if symptoms prevail then a stomach doctor in Faridabad is recommended.
  • Pancreas- Next in the process is the pancreas. The pancreas secrete pancreatic juice. This pancreatic juice drains through the main pancreatic duct into the common bile duct, followed by the small intestine. There awaits stomach acids and breaks down the different contents like protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Thus, the accessory organs help in the overall process of digestion. These accessory organs are prone to diseases and other ailments. Here are some of the accessory organ diseases.  


Hepatitis is one of the common and widespread diseases that affect the liver. It is the inflammation of the liver generally caused by a viral infection. It spreads through contaminated food, beverages, or sexual contact. Abdominal pain, fever, nausea, stomach ache are some of the symptoms of hepatitis. Jaundice is yet another major symptom of hepatitis. These symptoms need quick medical attention. Immediately book an appointment with a Liver specialist in Patna to ensure the well-being of the person. If the symptoms are severe, it may cause damage to the liver’s ability to produce bile. Medications and treatment are available, and a specialist is advised for the same. Consult the best Liver doctor in Patna for the diseases affecting the liver. 

Gall stones 

Gall bladder problems are often common among adults. Gall stones are mostly the reason behind it. They are formed as a crystal in the bile of the gall bladder. Large proportions of fat and abnormal body chemistry, are some causes of gallstones. These gall stones are small initially like a grain but can grow big enough as a small ball too. However, if the stone gets big, it can obstruct the duct that carries the bile to the duodenum. It causes inflammation in the gall bladder, as well as abdominal pain. These symptoms need attention from a physician. One may seek guidance from the best gastroenterologist in Max Saket.

Cystic Fibrosis 

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects the pancreas and is inherited in the body. Here, the pancreas produces abnormally sticky mucus that blocks the duct to the small intestine. This disables the pancreatic enzymes from reaching it. The proteins and lipids that are not properly digested. To understand all the symptoms and get the proper medication, consult the best gastroenterologist in Faridabad. 

It is important that one maintains their digestive health. Some of the ways one can do it are- 

  • Eating fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, vitamins, and, minerals
  • Avoid processed meats
  • Get good calcium and vitamin
  • Exercise regularly

Follow the basic principles of healthy living along with a good and enriching diet. If you face any of the symptoms it’s better to get checked by a physician rather than avoiding it. Consult a gastroenterologist or the best liver specialist in Delhi, NCR, Dr. Nivedita Pandey. You can also find her as hepatologist in Patna or the best doctor for hepatitis b in Patna, a gastroenterologist in Faridabad, the best gastro doctor in Delhi, NCR, gastroenterologist In Uttarakhand, a liver specialist in Jhansi, best gastroenterologist in Jammu take advantage of the online gastroenterology consultation to gastroenterologist live chat and receive the best treatment that your body deserves!