Self Care Nutrition : A Step Towards Body Positivity

Self Care Nutrition has more connotations to it than just long baths, hot chocolates and pampering oneself. Although they are important, many times we leave out the important aspects of self-care. Self-care is all about prioritizing one’s mental, physical and spiritual health and indulging oneself in activities that help in overcoming stress. 

An important aspect of self care is your health. While there are several self care routine tips, very little is known about self care nutrition and nourishment. Very few people know about what nutrients they require. Body positivity is all about accepting one’s body, just the way it is and making efforts to have a healthier life. For those who struggle with body images and weight issues, self-care is a must. However many lack knowledge about the nutrient requirement for their bodies. Alongside gym and physical exercise, one should also focus on their dietary needs. According to dietary self care definition, is paying attention to the food we eat and nourishing the body.  The food that we eat plays a vital role in shaping our health- both mental and physical. Here are a few self care nutrition tips that everyone should know. 

  • Eat healthy, not less

A common mistake that many people commit is that they focus more on dieting, eat less and end up feeling more hungry. While there is no problem in following a diet, it is important that your diet suits you. Eating less is not the solution to your problems. Instead, one should focus on eating healthy and eating for their gut. Ensure that you add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Your plate should have it all; proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, all of them in the right proportion. A nutritionist or a food pipe specialist will be able to help you select a proper self care diet appropriate for your body. 

  • Practice mindful eating

In today’s fast paced world, very little attention is paid to eating. Most of us like to have food in bed whilst watching a movie or so, while others may eat in a hurried fashion – busy, worried and in front of the laptop screen. When we consume food, whilst doing other activities or engaged in some work, we end up overeating or undereating. It is important that while eating, attention is paid to every single morsel you eat. Mindful eating is all about giving importance and being conscious of what we eat, in a state that is free from any distractions. You can read more on self care tips for mental health and mindful eating. Consult the best gastroenterologist in Jammu for more tips on healthy eating. 

  • Switch to a more balanced diet

Instead of having random cheat days, make a balanced diet your priority. It is vital that you optimize your nutrient intake. There should be a proper ratio of minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your meals. Having a wide variety of food also helps in elevating your mood. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. You can balance having healthy food such as fruits, nuts, and salads, alongside favourite foods such as ice creams and sweets (in appropriate amounts). Seek guidance from the best gastroenterologist in Faridabad for more tips on a balanced diet. 

  • Limit the use of added sugar

Added sugar or refined sugar is not at all good for health. It increases the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. Packaged foods, peanut butter, sauces, or any kind of processed foods all contain added sugar in large proportions. They add to your calorie count and take a long time to digest. Instead of sugar, try using natural sweeteners and food. Consult the best hepatologist in Patna for the treatment of ailments. 

  • Follow the 80/20 food rule

The 80/20 food rule, originally states that 80% of the effect results from the 20% causes in several cases. Thus, you can apply this directly to your diet. The main aim is to practise healthy eating, alongside having to eat your desired food with moderation and balance. According to the 80/20 rule, one should focus on eating a healthy diet, whereas 20% of the time one can indulge themselves in eating whatever they like, but consciously. This food rule allows you to eat the food that you like instead of feeling guilty about the one cheat day. A Gastroenterologist live chat can help to gain more insights on how to follow the rule. 

self care nutrition for coronavirus

It is paramount that we take utmost care of our health and that of our family members, in the wake of Covid-19. Immunity plays an important role in the fight against coronavirus. For all the healthy individuals as well  as those facing respiratory issues and have been asked to quarantine, it is crucial that attention is paid to the food and nutrition. Selfcare for covid includes eating food that is nourishing and boosts immunity. You may refer to the various diet plans or consult the best hepatologist in Delhi for a more personalized diet plan.

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