Right Upper Abdominal Pain : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

You should consider all options carefully for requisite abdominal pain treatment and even abdominal pain COVID symptoms alongside. Watch out for abdominal pain upper right side after eating and even abdominal pain upper right side diarrhea as well. There may also be abdominal pain upper right side vomiting or sudden abdominal pain upper right side at night. There could also be abdominal pain right and left side both at times. 

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upper right stomach pain

Knowing more about the right upper quadrant

Before you explore abdominal pain right side, you should know that the RUQ or right upper quadrant is a portion of the abdomen or tummy. View the tummy and divide the area from the bottom of the ribs all the way down to the pubes as four quarters. The right side quarter nearer the ribs is the right upper quadrant. This contains the gallbladder, liver, a part of the pancreas and duodenum along with some other large and small bowel parts. It also contains the right kidney. 

The causes of abdominal pain right side upper and abdominal pain right side middle may be different and the same is true for abdominal pain right side upper and lower. There are different causes behind pregnancy abdominal pain right side upper. Some of the common abdominal pain right side causes include gallstones which are frequent reasons behind pain in this zone. Other possibilities are infections of the kidneys, ulcers and shingles in the upper portion of the gut and more such reasons. Gallstones may not always have symptoms but they may cause pain when they are stuck. This is known as biliary colic, leading to severe cramps or abdomen pain right side upper after consuming a meal. The infection may be called cholecystitis. Other causes may include kidney stones and related infections along with liver issues. Liver issues include hepatitis or infection that leads to inflammation of the liver. This leads to fever, jaundice and pain in the area. There are various types of hepatitis including Hepatitis A, C and B. 

There is sometimes an abscess containing pus somewhere around the liver or just beneath your ribs, leading to tenderness, fever and pain. Alcoholic liver disease may also be a cause along with liver cancer in certain cases. There could be gastroenteritis or gut infections along with dyspepsia and duodenal ulcers in tandem with conditions such as Crohn’s disease and other ulcerative colitis. Some other causes in certain scenarios include pancreatic problems including cancer and pancreatitis along with heart attacks or myocardial infections in tandem with pneumonia. There is also Addison’s disease and pain with the spine along with rare pregnancy complications that impact the liver and also pain referred from pelvis issues. A rare scenario is the Budd-Chiari syndrome. 

When should you visit the doctor? 

  • If the pain does not subside. 
  • If the skin turns yellow (jaundice may be indicated), the urinal and rectum discharge has gone darker and lighter respectively and there is severe pain. 
  • If you have lost weight without even attempting to do the same. 
  • You are vomiting or bringing up blood through discharge. 
  • You have shaking and high temperature. 
  • If you are feeling out of breath. 

Testing and Treatment 

Medical practitioners will be narrowing down the huge field of possible causes by examining what is happening to you. There are several issues that will be examined including shingles or liver enlargement or so on. You will have to possibly provide a urine sample for checking the color and kidney issues. Blood tests will be required for checking liver functioning, inflammation/infection internally and also anemia. Ultrasound scans are often recommended for finding out gallstones and other conditions. 

Some other tests may be required on the basis of what earlier tests find out. If the pain is coming from the gut, an endoscopy may be required. ERCP or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography will analyze tubes around the gallbladder and also the pancreas. Some exclusive radio-isotope scans may be handy at times for analyzing tissues and organs. CT scans may be necessary for detecting kidney issues while chest X-rays may also be needed for eliminating the possibilities of lung issues. MRI scans may also be helpful in specific scenarios. It all depends on what the doctor basically prescribes. 

There is no single answer to the treatment required until and unless the particular cause of pain has been diagnosed. If there are gallstones, then symptoms are not much irritating and this may be managed by adhering to a diet which is low in fat. Many people usually select to have the gallbladder removed via the operation known as cholecystectomy. This may be done via laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery.  Cholecystitis is treated with antibiotics initially via a drip or injections. Once the infection is treated, then a cholecystectomy is recommended. Shingles require treatment with antiviral tablets while kidney infections require treatment via antibiotics if mild. If severe, hospital admission is often advised with fluids and intravenous antibiotics. Small kidney stones may dissipate totally on their own ultimately and in this scenario, it is recommended that one drinks ample fluids while consuming stronger painkillers. Bigger kidney stones may require one out of numerous such procedures which are implemented for breaking the same up or simply getting them removed. The duodenal ulcer is mostly treated with the help of acid suppressing medication and the same goes for indigestion issues. 

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