There are numerous chewing food benefits that you should be well aware of. In fact, we all know about chewing food benefits that have often been passed down to us from the previous generations! There are distinct chewing food benefits that should be kept in mind too. Coming to digestive issues, if you are frequently suffering from the same, then you should consult the best gastroenterologist in Jammu or your preferred area for assistance. You can always opt for a gastroenterologist live chat or visit the best doctor in Patna for stomach problems. 

If you have problems of a differing nature, feel free to take advice on hepatologist vs. gastroenterologist aspects while also looking for the best liver specialist in Delhi NCR. There are options for getting treatment from food pipe specialists or even a liver expert doctor in Jaipur or your preferred location. The top 10 gastroenterologist in Delhi can always be of help. In this context, you will find solutions for Online Dr. chat and even on-site treatment solutions at the gastro and liver clinic Patna Bihar, the leading facility of its kind. Coming back to our core premise, why is chewing your food really beneficial?

Studies have clearly indicated that there are ample chewing food benefits including a boost for the immune system of your mouth, safeguarding you against various types of illnesses. Studies have also indicated that one of the biggest chewing food thoroughly benefits will be the specific immune cell type, namely Th17 cell which will be stimulated while you are eating. The immune cell is vital for safeguarding against fungal and bacterial infections commonly seen in the mouth. Although many know that nutrients in food may offer support for a healthier immune system, findings firmly indicate that the action of chewing and eating is also really vital. Th17 cells are stimulated by the friendly bacteria in other parts of the body like the skin and gut. 

Yet, something that should be kept in mind is that excessive Th17 cells may lead to periodontitis, namely gum disease tied to complications in various diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pre-term birth and heart issues. Combating mouth inflammation with properly chewing your food is vital since mouth inflammation is tied to the growth of diseases throughout the body. 

What are the 32 times chewing food benefits for people? 

While we know about chewing food better digestion and chewing food bloating safeguards, we have often heard about the need to chew food a whopping 32 times. Is it necessary and what are the benefits? Experts usually recommend chewing food for about 32 times before you are swallowing. It will take fewer chewing for breaking down water-filled and soft food. The goal of chewing food is to break it down so that it witnesses a loss of texture. Chewing food but not swallowing initially is recommended for 32 times. This is an average number and may increase to 40 times for items like nuts, steak and others, per mouthful. Items like watermelon need fewer chews for being broken down, i.e. usually between 10 and 15. 

Of course, chewing food can’t swallow is a symptom that should be taken to the doctor since you may have other issues. Chewing is the very first step towards eventually digesting your food. 

  • Chewing and saliva help in breaking down and mixing food in the mouth. Food also goes into the esophagus when you swallow from there. 
  • The esophagus then pushes food into the stomach. 
  • The stomach holds the food while it mixes with enzymes which continue breaking down food so that it can be used by the body for energy purposes. 
  • Whenever food is amply digested in the stomach, it will shift into the small intestine where it will mix with more enzymes that keep breaking the same down. Nutrients from food are readily absorbed into the small intestine as well. 
  • Waste is dispatched to the large intestine or colon. The leftover waste is excreted via the anus and rectum. 

Those not chewing their food properly before swallowing may witness risks of aspiration, choking, dehydration, malnutrition and other problems. 

Key advantages of slowly chewing food 

  • The faster you eat, the more food you will usually consume. Chewing your food slowly and for many times will help you lower overall intake of food. 
  • Studies have indicated that those who were chewing slowly felt fuller as compared to those chewing and swallowing faster. 
  • Chewing more at mealtimes was also seen to lower snacking on candies and other unhealthy treats later during the day. 
  • Chewing food properly helps in controlling weight while also enhancing the volume of nutrients that you consume from your food. Experts also discovered that chewing almonds between 25-40 times will not only reduce hunger while also scaling up the ability of people to absorb nutrients from these almonds. 

Tips on chewing 

  • Do not overload your fork or spoon. Food should not fall off and stay on the same properly. 
  • With food already in the mouth, close your lips and commence chewing. Your tongue should be moving food from one side to another and the jaw should be slightly rotating. 
  • Slowly chew and count till 32 with every bite. You may require less or more time, depending on the kind of food that you are eating. 
  • You can swallow your food once the bite has lost its entire texture. 

If you have digestive issues, drinking water at mealtimes may not always be the best possible solution. Drinking water may lead to a slowdown of the digestive procedure through dilution of enzymes in the body which enable breaking down food. The impact is hugely intense if you are suffering from digestive issues including gastroesophageal reflux disease. Some issues from not chewing food properly include bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, cramps, acid reflux, skin issues, headaches, nausea, irritability, indigestion, gas and even malnutrition as mentioned earlier. 

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