Impact of positive thinking on health

Many a times, we have come across people who tell us that we need to adopt a positive outlook in life by looking at the brighter side of things. This happens when we confide in them about our deepest fears playing out in real life. For example, in the last six months, many of us have experienced negative emotions owing to the overall sentiment surrounding the global pandemic, forcing us to stay indoors and in fear of contracting the coronavirus. So much so, that many of us have been obsessed with tracking the overall global numbers and deaths, a task that has left us drained and in fear for our lives and that of our loved ones. There are now talks about the need to focus on the mental health of people, most of whom have been holed up inside their homes worried about the future, job loss or just fear about contracting the disease.

However, considering these facts, I simply assert that we need to adopt positive thinking in our life, which simple means that we should think happy thoughts in order to stay positive. While many of you will say that positive thinking does not come naturally as you are more prone to weighing the situation down with your negative thoughts. However, let me tell you that it is possible to cultivate a positive mindset simply by opening yourself to new experiences and reducing negative self-talk.

There are many benefits of a positive outlook towards life and it always pays off in the long run. One habit that every person on the path of positivity should foster is to stop blaming themselves whenever trouble strikes. Here, I have listed out a few points about those blessed with the power of positive thinking and its impact on their lives.

Adept at dealing with stress

In situations that involve moments of stress, those with a positive outlook are more effectively equipped to cope as compared to those who have a pessimistic attitude. People with a positive outlook are better equipped to devise a plan of action and ask others for assistance and advice when faced with rejection. As a result, when an unpleasant situation arises, positive thinkers are more invested in solving it than simply complaining about it.

Have improved relationships

One of the most significant benefits of positive thinking is greater resistance and buoyancy to circumstances and life in general. People who are resilient find it easier to cope with problems, face stress and deal with trauma. They are also strong in dealing with losses and do not fall apart easily. When confronted with a challenge, such people usually try to fix the situation instead of getting scared and losing all hope.

Improved health and wellbeing

It’s strange how the positive thinking mind functions and researchers are yet to fully discover this phenomenon. However, one thing is for sure that a positive thinking mind does impact the quality of our lives and those with a positive outlook live longer. This is because, negative emotions immediately reflect on our body and when we are stressed and have depressive thoughts, we have problems getting sleep, often getting anxious and feeling dissatisfied with everything around us, which ultimately affects our health. Research has also proved that a person with a negative and pessimistic approach has a weaker immune system as compared to that of an individual with a positive outlook in life, and thereby exhibited a stronger immune response. Therefore, it is important that we kick the negative emotions and as a result will get rid of their physical result.

Helps in creating healthier relations

It has been observed that people with a positive outlook make a better first impression, making them attract a positive crowd around. Such individuals also have a lot of friends and have a busy social life as compared to their peers who are wallowing in self-pity and are filled with negative emotions.

Induces healthy habits

Positive thinking also helps you in adopting healthy habits. This can be in the form of either adopting a healthy diet, following a regular exercise regime or in any other aspect which is bound to improve your lifestyle. As compared to them, people with a negative thought process always find themselves surrounded by poor lifestyle choices. Therefore, it is important that one has an optimistic approach towards life which will help you in building a better life for yourself while also aiding in your growth to your fullest potential, thereby inspiring you to become the very best version of yourself.

Having said that, it is important to remember that positive thinking does not mean that we are not realistic about life but about looking for the good opportunities in a situation, rather than the bad.