Five Ways To Deal With Fatty Liver

A fatty liver is a condition when there is a build-up of fat in the liver cells. In medical terminology, fatty liver disease is known as hepatic steatosis. It can prevent the liver from removing toxins from the body and producing bile for the digestive system, thereby causing harm. If such a situation arises when the liver cannot effectively perform its tasks, it puts a person at risk of developing other problems. Fatty liver from alcohol is caused by excessive drinking and the consumption of unhealthy and excessive greasy food regularly. There are two kinds of fatty liver disease: alcoholic fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver.  fatty liver is often asymptomatic, however, some symptoms include weight loss, a loss in appetite, and fatigue. In many cases, there may be a noticeable swelling in the liver. The best ways to deal with both conditions are through diet management and exercise. One should also seek professional medical advice or avail of teleconsultation services for fatty liver medicine and fatty liver treatment, enabling you to understand your situation in a better manner. Below, I have listed a few ways to deal with the effects of fatty liver.

Lose weight: One of the primary reasons for non-alcoholic fatty liver is obesity. Therefore, you must shake off some of your excess weight by opting for physical exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can choose anything from a range of activities like brisk walking, swimming, cross-training, cycling or yoga, and more to reach a healthy body weight level. 

Limit intake of salt and sugar: The excessive consumption of both salt and sugar is harmful to health. Sugar can add to your woes by spiking your blood pressure levels. This would, in turn, take a toll on the liver and increase the fat content. Therefore, try and avoid food and beverages like packaged fruit juices, ice cream, candy, and soda. You should also limit your salt intake as it can lead to the risk of weight gain, which is a common cause of fatty liver disease. One way to reduce salt intake would be to add spices and herbs to your meal and is a great way to flavour your food. One should follow a proper fatty liver diet or consult a nutritionist for further guidance on healthy weight.

Cut off alcohol intake: It is impossible to cure the fatty liver problem without cutting off your alcohol intake. You need to discontinue your drinking habits as this could work wonderfully and prevent further damage to the liver.

Eat wholesome foods: You should incorporate large amounts of green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fish and fresh fruits and juices in your diet. Also, try to include adequate amounts of protein in your diet from lentils, low-fat dairy, egg whites, and foods rich in Omega 3 like fish, walnuts, pulses, and flax seeds. You should also ensure that you are not eating saturated fatty foods like cheese and poultry and oily and high foods in sugar. You should also keep an eye on the quantity of oil and ghee used while cooking and ensure that you gradually limit the intake of fatty foods rich in saturated fats like butter and mayonnaise.


Switch to herbal teas: It has been observed that drinking green tea and coffee can break down the abnormal build-up of fat in the liver and help it function better. However, one must take care and ensure that you do not add excessive sugar or any high-fat milk base to your drink. Instead of sugar, you can try infusing honey in your green teas. Trust me, it does not taste that bad!

All the efforts mentioned above will work best if you promise to incorporate changes in your lifestyle. You can start by trying to eat healthy food, ensuring better liver health and weight loss in the longer run. However, this should become a part of your daily regime as it will help you with your symptoms and effectively manage your health. Regular exercising, stretching, cutting back on junk will make a real difference to your life.

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