Hypoglycemia is one of the common diseases that run in society. Almost every one people among five suffers from this problem, which is quite harmful to an individual’s health. Hence, if a person suffers from diabetes sugar problem, he must take care of the condition that may help him come out from this unwanted web.

So, let’s drive through the following article that may help us know everything about hypoglycemia and how we can prevent it.

What Is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is the condition when the blood sugar level of a human body drops down below average. It generally happens to people with diabetes when they lose their timetable of medicine, food, or exercise. It also sometimes happens to those who usually suffer from blood pressure problems.

There’s also Non-diabetic hypoglycemia which is low blood glucose in people who do not have diabetes. But, again, it’s a rare problem. An average human can suffer from this due to tiredness and stress. So, this is quite rare and normal as well.

What Happens During Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia can cause various problems. So, you must control it whenever you feel so.

Blood sugar provides the brain with the majority of its energy. Therefore, the brain is affected when blood sugar levels are low because it interferes with proper function. As a result, dizzinessiness, headaches, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, and other unwanted symptoms are caused.

This can also affect the heart in many ways. The heart may face difficulty in pumping the blood, and hence, it may lead to various heart problems, which can cause a heart attack or silent attack. This may also lead to the death of a person. So, make sure your blood sugar level doesn’t remain down for a maximum time. You must control it within 3-4 days for better health.

Let’s discuss the problems and symptoms you face if you suffer from hypoglycemia.

Problems During Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia causes various problems and symptoms that irritate the behavior of human beings, and ultimately it makes a person dull and dry. Here are some issues that an individual may face if his blood sugar level is down.

1. Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision is the problem that takes place relatively slowly in a person. It happens when the hypoglycemia is at its peak point. It generally happens with people who are diabetes patients. However, it may occur if a diabetic individual does not take medicine for longer. Thus, it’s essential to take medication when suffering from this disease.

2. Sleepiness

Since there’s a low blood sugar level, it may cause high blood pressure. In such conditions, the heart needs more concentration to pump blood. Hence, your body will need rest. Thus, you will feel sleepy and tired all day.

3. Low Concentration level

If you are dealing with hypoglycemia, you might feel a disturbance in your concentration level, leading to trouble in your work. Thus, make sure that you do not suffer from this and have a good concentration level.

4. Dull And Tired Face

Your face will probably look dull and tired. It may make you look as if you are ill and make you tired. So, never skip your medicines or ultimate diet to have a healthy body.

5. Slightly Rise In Temperature

There will be a slight rise in temperature, which may cause a little fever. You might feel ill and low. So, in such a case, you must make sure that you visit a doctor and check everything.

So, these are some conditions that may arise if there’s a low blood sugar level in your body.

What To Do To Maintain Blood- Sugar Level?

To maintain blood sugar levels, a person must follow some tight rules. Those include the following.

1. Stay Hydrated

You must stay hydrated and drink more and more water to maintain your blood sugar levels. Water contains specific properties that will not lead to hypoglycemia affecting your body.

2. Have A Strict Diet Plan To Maintain Blood Sugar Level

A person must eat more fiber and have proper carb intake to maintain blood sugar levels and have a good and healthy body. Stop intaking much salt.

3. Control Your Stress Level

You must control your stress level and keep calm. This will help your blood pressure maintained, and thus your hypoglycemia will be on its level.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Blood Sugar Level

Constantly monitor your hypoglycemia at least twice a month so that you can know the result of your struggle. So, make sure you keep checking the rate of your body again and again.

5. Exercise regularly

It’s essential to exercise regularly. Make sure you perform breathing exercises daily for better treatment of your lungs. The excellent air also purifies blood more actively. So, keep on exercising and stay healthy and fit.

So, these are the best ways by which you can maintain your blood sugar level quite quickly and healthily.

What Must Be Avoided If You Have Low Blood Sugar Level?

You must avoid meals high in simple carbohydrates as they can contribute to reactive hypoglycemia. Concentrated food like candy, sugar, cold drinks, cookies, cakes, and ice cream generally comes in simple carbohydrates. Avoid these foods unless they are made with sugar substitutes.

Does Hypoglycemia Affect People Who Don’t Have Diabetes?

There are specific changes due to which a person who is not suffering from diabetes can have the effect of hypoglycemia. This condition may arise in an individual due to various reasons, including releasing extra insulin after eating, not eating (fasting), or malnutrition. So, a person must make sure that he maintains his blood sugar level and eat properly.


Hypoglycemia is not a light disease. You can remove it from your body if you maintain it properly. So, make sure you do all the essential things if dealing with hypoglycemia. Stay healthy and happy.