There are several options available when it comes to finding the best gastroenterology doctors in your preferred location although how do you go about it? There are always some handy tips that you should follow with regard to ferreting out the best gastroenterologist. Doctors who are exclusively trained for the treatment and diagnosis of digestive system disorders, covering the small intestine, colon, pancreas, bile ducts, stomach, gallbladder and oesophagus are known as gastroenterologists. 

Some gastroenterologists also specialize in treating motility related disorders, which may impact the digestion of liquids and food items and the movement of waste products through bowels. Neuro-gastroenterology is another field where specialists study the manner of interactions between the gut and the brain. Wondering how to find a gastroenterologist

Here are 5 tips to choose your gastroenterologist

  • Do research on credentials– If you were thinking how to find the best gastroenterologist, you should always emphasize upon the importance of proper research and homework. Medical certification or board certification in both gastroenterology and internal medicine is what you should look for. This tells you that the doctor possesses the requisite training, experience and skills while confirming that he/she does not have any claims of malpractice or any disciplinary action pending against him/her. Get all necessary information pertaining to the training hospital, medical school, malpractice, certifications and disciplinary history of the gastroenterologist on official Government websites and various portals. 
  • Referrals always matter– One of the biggest tips for your first visit with a gastroenterologist is to go by referrals. You should begin with the referral list that you have from your doctor. You may also ask your friends, family members and other providers of healthcare for further recommendations. Take your time and go through the credentials of doctors you are referred to. Narrow down your list, call individual doctors’ offices and seek a consultation or appointment for a meeting. 
  • Assess the experience of the gastroenterologist- With regard to highly specialized surgical or medical care for complex issues, the higher the doctor’s experience, the better your likely results. However, make sure that your gastroenterologist has officially graduated from a fellowship training program that has proper accreditation. Ask about the number of patients with the specific condition that you have, who have successfully been treated by the gastroenterologist. If you know about a specific procedure that you will need in the coming days, ask about the procedures executed by the doctor and talk about the complication rates as well. 
  • Do research on the quality of the hospital– The hospital where you doctor practices, will naturally be your hospital. For this purpose alone, carefully evaluate the healthcare quality at the establishment where patients will be treated by the gastroenterologist. Check the quality of the hospital, overall track record and reputation and also the location, i.e. whether it is convenient for you to access. 
  • Gender does matter– The doctor’s gender matters owing to personal comfort and convenience aspects. You have to talk about various aspects openly with your medical practitioner. Ensure that you enquire about the recent experiences and training of the gastroenterologist, especially in relation to your specific condition and also gender. Gastroenterologists are steadily attaining higher specialization in caring for women who suffer from GI ailments. Some healthcare centres now even have specialized centres emphasizing on the unique medical requirements of women. 

Bonus Tip- Assess the style of communication at all times. Choose a gastroenterologist who makes you feel more comfortable. When you first meet any prospective doctor, ask any question and see how he/she replies to the same. Is he/she encouraging of questions and does he/she answer in simple language for you to understand? Find someone who will take your preferences and questions into account while respecting your needs alongside.